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Conflict (6/24/13)

Don’t be so quick to jump into the fray.New York rain

Inside the melee you see only the next blow;
From a space outside, you can see the battle.
Stepping back is the best strategy
When you have lost sight of the whole.

You underestimate your opponent
When you think of him as evil,
And waste your energy, your heart and your essence
In opposition.
Without them, you are your enemy.

In a conflict, success comes from staying in the center.

©2013 Deborah Valentine Smith

Temptation (6/18/13)

From the Old Sage Chapter 44

Monks laughingWe will be tempted by fame,
By money,
By the pursuit of success and the fear of failure.
It is more difficult to recognize the value of integrity and
The pursuit of happiness.

If we remember to look to ourselves for fulfillment
And to our hearts for happiness,
We will be successful.

When we realize what we have,
There is nothing we need.

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