The Old Sage, Chapter 2.Devon & Dragonfly

We like to hear praises about our children,

But “good” or “bad,” we love them, because we know their souls.

This is the same place we aim hold for those we serve in our practice:

“Strong” or “weak,” they rest in the heart.

Looks or attitude; grace or intelligence are different for each one;

We hear about accomplishments and shortcomings,

But there is no grading system here.

How can you compare one soul to another?

It is our job to offer a means to insight and nourishment.

They may remember who they are and thrive,

But it’s not up to us.

Only the soul knows the way home.

Though we will always want to know how it’s going,

It’s not about us.

©2014 Deborah Valentine Smith

*Thanks to Marge Mendel for “Devon and the Dragonfly.”